Personal Sponsorship Schemes

There's a wide range of possibilities for sponsorship activities:
For the adrenalin junkies
Parachute jump

For the sporting enthusiasts
Half marathon / marathon
Five a side football
Tennis tournament
To climb Ben Nevis or other in set time

For the work minded
Charge £1 for dress down day
Wear your clothes back to front for a day
Sick of acronyms?
Charge every time someone uses 'work-speak'
For the habit breakers
Swear jar in the office
Sponsored weight loss
Quit smoking
Get sponsorship for every day / week
or just one off donation

Your host for this evening is...
Know someone in a band?
Ask them to play for free or reduced fee and charge entry… it’ll raise their profile too!
Talent contest
Theme night
Murder mystery, celebrities, Charity ball

For the green at heart
Replicate earth hour
Get people to pay a set fee for turning lights out for an hour (money they saved on electricity)

Trust them enough?
Get your mentees involved
what can they do? Make jewellery, take photos, paint? Design Bebo skins? Put on a skateboarding display? Wash and style hair? We have talent in our team.

For the community minded
Litter pick / Beach clean
Paint community building
Car wash
Dog walk
Pub quiz
Treasure hunt
Silent disco!
Get everyone to wear an ipod and dance to their own tune (hilarious!)
"Name the Bear"
Put a cuddly bear in local shop window and charge people to guess what it is called. Offer £20 to the winner and the rest to charity.
Baby Clothes
Too small very quickly…collect and resell at an organised baby fest
Silly games afternoon
Egg & spoon, throw the sponge, bouncy castle...
Are you smarter than a ten year old?
Get kids to pitch questions and compete with teams
“Mr & Mrs” competition
Testing couples on their innermost family secrets!

Just for you
Host a BBQ
Charge people to attend (cover your own costs)
Host a coffee morning / mini get together
Charge people to attend (cover your own costs)

Ask colleagues to bring a pound to work for the charity
Host fancy dress party and charge entrance
Be a taxi for your friends on a night out for a regular taxi fare
Garage sale
Be a man or woman with a van
Charge to help move or dump stuff for people

Showcase your skills
What are you good at?
Offer to paint a neighbours fence or fix their
lawnmower with donation to charity.
Can you do massage or yoga?
Run an event with proceeds to Day1

Good with a camera?
Offer to take some family group shots for a small fee
Good with makeup?
Give top tips and mini makeovers
Handy with the face paint?
Host a kids party, give most parents a day off…

  For your event to be a success try to gain maximum publicity and word of mouth. There are a few simple ways to do this
At work
Get a poster up on noticeboard
Write a short article for staff magazine
Announce it at team meetings if appropriate
Talk about it......... a lot!
Be positive about the challenge
and use it to motivate others
Pop a jar next to the kiosk or sandwich van
(or any other source that encourages small change). You’ll be amazed how many people just throw in their loose change and how quickly it adds up
On the day
Record the occasion
Make sure there are some good quality photographs of the event so that Day1 can use these on the website to inspire and encourage others to take part.
Be presentable
Remember that if you are doing this event for Day1 then the outside world will think of you ‘as Day1’ so it’s crucial that you show yourself off at your best!
Involve your Mentee
If you are already mentoring for DAY1, is there a way to get your mentee involved? If you’re running could they take part? Or, could they hand you a bottle of water at a meeting place? That would make a nice pic for the website. Team effort.
Be courtious
Remember to thank everyone who’s helped you along the way!

At home
Smile about it! People will be more encourage to help
Tell your family and friends
Drum up any support through the local radio station if possible
Write a letter or get a free notice in the local newspaper
Is there a story that you can make out of it for the local paper?
Talk to them (can you make it more of a publicity stunt / get a local celeb or dignitary involved?
Can you and your mentee make an entertaining video
(e.g, for YouTube) requesting sponsorship?
Get a notice or poster up
In local post office / notice boards / local shops / GP surgery

Handy hints to help you drum up funds!
Set a high sponsorship target!
Create a professional looking sponsorship form
So people know that you are serious (click here for an example that you can adapt and print off required number of copies)
Seek help
From friends, friends of friends, once you’ve got a few names on the list more will follow!
Cash up front
If people are signing your form and pledging sponsorship try to obtain the money now to avoid precious time later
Set up a Just Giving page for online payments
...through the Day1 website (fast, easy, effective) – then you just forward the link to people you know who live further away
Use your social networking sites
Put a notice on your facebook / bebo / my space page
Put your email account to good use
Add a request for sponsorship as a signature on your emails (as long as the company policy doesn’t prevent you from doing so). It might say: Charlie Dogood, Running the Loch Ness Marathon to raise vital funds for our charity! To show your support please donate by logging onto..….. by May 10th! Thank you!!
Start collecting sponsorship early
It will give you more time to gather momentum and it will help you to focus
Make sure that the first person who sponsors you is generous
So that others will follow suit
Set yourself extra challenges for bonus donations
Without making it too complicated can you ask people if they’re willing to double their input or give you an extra £5 or so if you beat a target time / distance etc.

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