Mentoring programs around the world point to there being three stages in the mentoring process:

1. Getting to know each other (Befriending)
This is a period when you make first contact and start to build a friendship and trust between you. You will do some fun things together and get to know your Day1er’s preferences and hopes and fears.

You will start to understand what they are good at and what activities they enjoy. You might also start to set some easily achievable goals.

2. Moving towards goals (Mentoring)
By now you will know each other well and there should be the opportunity to pursue some more demanding goals.

You will be using the DAY1 coordinator more often than before in setting up new experiences for your Day1er and you will be encouraging them to take more responsibility for themselves.

3. Taking charge of themselves
At this stage, you will begin to release your Day1er from your direct relationship with them.

Because of the careful contract with them at the start, they will know their direct mentoring will end after twelve months and you have the opportunity now to help them make final plans for taking charge of their future.

Discuss any possibility of keeping in touch into the future and take time with them to reflect on the ups and downs of the past year. Celebrate their successes and their potential.

DAY1 runs a 10-hour initial mentor training scheme and we intend to achieve full accreditation for the scheme soon.

By the end of the training, you will have information on and a deep understanding of:

All the legal bits
The DAY1 model of mentoring
Why mentoring is needed
How mentoring works in practise
Concepts of self awareness and self esteem
and how mentoring can help to build these
Goal setting and how these can help
build a positive attitude to the future
Different learning styles and how to
use these to mentor your Day1er well
Ideas for activities and discussions with your Day1er
Your contact with the co-ordinator and directors
Effective communication skills
How to help your Day1er find work experience.
How to help your Day1er explore what type of job/career they want.

The training includes informal group discussions, talks by experienced mentors, question & answer sessions, tasks and some role play. It's great preparation and good fun too! During your mentoring year, there is ongoing training available which covers such topics as:

Solution focused counselling
Communicating with teenagers
Moving into work
Young people – psychology
Self esteem
And more......

In addition, our mentors often meet informally to exchange ideas and simply to share their own individual mentoring experiences. We also organise the occasional weekend ‘social’, all entirely voluntary of course, to share a meal and usually do something a bit ‘wacky’! This year we laughed our way round the Badaguish high ropes course!


If you would like to investigate the possibility of becoming a mentor or if you would simply like to find out more about DAY1 then please do contact us and we can have an initial informal chat.

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